Top Shelf is a group of very experienced musicians whose definition of FUN is providing a top-notch music performance while engaging with our audience and each other.  We're brought together by a love of high-quality musicianship, and a personal commitment to making your event memorable.  WE have fun when YOU have fun...it's that simple.  

And, our approach is professional from the time we book a date until we're packing up after a fun night and solid performance that your audience will remember! 


We'll play a variety of Country, Rock and Pop hits to fit what you're looking for from the 1990's to today, along with some older classics that everybody loves.  You know...the ones that make people jump out of their seats and onto the dance floor or spur our crowed to spontaneously ‘raise a glass’ to some great memories!   Our goal is to go beyond just playing 'for' our audience by getting you up on the dance floor – and better yet, singing along!   


Our members have years of professional experience performing for weddings, indoor/outdoor music  venues that value good live music, corporate events, and private parties.  We come from diverse walks of life, including some who've performed and taught music for living, and others with careers outside of music, but who have been performing professionally in their free time.

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Tamara, Lead Vocalist

Tamara has been singing most of her life, and has a natural talent that makes people want to smile.  She joined every choir or ensemble she could get her hands on in 5th grade and continued through college.  In high school and college she performed in select, show, and jazz choirs, costume caroling and community choirs, and majored in Musical Theater at Concordia St. Paul.


In addition to performing in a many groups, Tamara has the unique experience of running a high end music group for a large church in Chicago.  As Creative Director for over 12 years, she directed the band, vocalists, and choir, as well as heading up the drama and production teams.  Tamara then moved to the western Wisconsin area, just outside of the twin cities metro.  Her performance style and interaction with the crowd will keep you engaged all night long!

Tamara Prof Photo.jpeg

John, Drummer & Band Leader

John has been hitting things (of the stick and drum variety) for over 35 years.  He has been performing in and leading a variety of groups in the Minneapolis, Chicago and Denver areas since 1984, ranging from country and rock bands to musical theater and classical groups.  He also a lot of experience on the business side of things, so you can be assured of a professional approach from the time you book us until we're done performing the last song for your event!

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Boyd, Bassist

Boyd has extensive performance experience in the U.S. and Internationally, and has been playing bass since he was a teenager.  By the time he was in high school, he was already touring throughout Asia, and has been rocking the stages ever since!  Originally from the Phillippines, he moved to the U.S. and has been a popular bassist in the twin cities for many years.  With an infectious smile and stage presence, you can both hear and feel his music!

Boyd Japor indiv shot_Hastings.png

Marc, Lead Guitar

Marc brings 35 years of gigging and recording experience as a lead guitarist and vocalist. A finalist in the original "Twin Cities Lead Guitarist" competition, Marc has toured the Midwest as part of Northern Lights, and later, Cain. He’s a session player on numerous local recordings, including the soundtrack for the award winning-musical “Philly”. Marc has also been occasionally spotted as George Harrison in the Beatles tribute A Hard Day’s Night.


Charles, Keyboard, Vocals & Guitar

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Charles started playing piano at age 11, and picked up drums a few years later.  Playing music has been a part his life ever since.  Garage bands, church bands and even some songwriting were scattered throughout his early years.  Following a stint with a christian country band (included two great studio albums),  he join several Twin Cities cover bands later in life, hammering out key parts for classic rock, blues and country tunes for the last 15 years.   Joining this outstanding group is a great next step in his musical evolution.